We work with an array of clinical specialists who provide adult and paediatric services. 

The services we offer include but not limited to:


We provide specialised physiotherapy services for adult and paediatric clients with diverse conditions and presentations. 

A full assessment report and costing for the recommended treatment plan will be provided. Following agreement if the treatment plan and funding, the case manager and client can expect regular updates and quarterly review reports depending on the client’s rehab needs. A full discharge report will also be provided highlighting the progress made and recommendations for further onward referral or treatment if indicated. 

The client is involved with each step of their rehabilitation journey through education, awareness, empowerment and participation in their treatment.

We offer specialised physiotherapy services such as:

Physiotherapy is a science- based profession and takes a whole person approach to health and well-being. Hence, or physiotherapists work in partnership with other healthcare professionals to achieve your goals. 


Our clinicians assess and treat a variety of psychological and neuropsychological issues. Whether treatment is needed for anxiety, stress, depression or another psychological or neuropsychological issue, our experienced clinicians will identify and discuss with you a suitable treatment plan.

Our clinical psychologists integrate human science, behavioural science and theory of clinical knowledge to help understand, prevent and relieve psychologically-based distress or dysfunction. Thus promoting well-being and personal development. 

Our therapists incorporate an array of approaches/therapies based on the the issues that the client is looking to address. 

We provide comprehensive, neuropsychological assessment of cognitive functioning and treatment of adults and children with traumatic brain injury, cognitive impairments, and degenerative brain disorders.  Following the assessment, practical and individualised recommendations are made creating a personalised rehabilitation plan to help achieve the client’s goals. 


Psychotherapy is highly effective, evidence based method that can powerfully enable the client to rebuild and strengthen their psychological and emotional well-being. 

Our psychotherapists use a myriad of approaches to assess and support the individual. The client is provided tools and strategies for tackling problematic concerns which cause emotional or psychological distress. This combination of understanding and proactive problem solving means it is highly effective in helping clients address a wide range of issues and concerns. 

Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in a range of psychotherapies.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists work with both adults and paediatrics. They help people who have difficulties carrying out, day-to-day activities, because of disability, illness, trauma, aging, and a range of long-term conditions. 

Our therapists provide detailed goal orientated reports with a link to clinical reasoning. 

They work closely with other clinical disciplines should onward referral be indicated. 

All our assessments and treatments will be provided within the client’s home.

Our occupational therapy services expand across specialist areas, to include:

Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

Our Speech and Language Therapists provide treatment, support and care for children and adults who have difficulties with communication, eating, drinking and swallowing. 

Our therapists work closely with parents, family members, carers and other professionals. 

Our therapists offer offer high quality assessments of the client’s understanding of language, expressive language, and social communication, looking at all aspects of both home and community life.

We also offer specialist Neuro SALT services.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is an established psychological clinical intervention, delivered by registered music therapists to help clients whose lives have been affected by injury, illness or disability through supporting their psychological, emotional, cognitive, physical, communicative and social needs. 

Our music therapists are registered with HCPC, meaning they are allied health professionals and work closely with other members of the multidisciplinary team.

We have specialist Neuro Music Therapists who work specifically with clients with neurological disorders. Therapy involves a collection of techniques that use the perception, production and performance of music to stimulate, shape, and change movement dynamics, speech and language skills, and cognitive skills.